Theta Healing

What Is Theta Healing?

by: Kevin O. Hunking
There are scientific studies that show that we are unaware of more than 90% of the data stored in our subconscious mind. Subliminal thoughts & beliefs constantly influence our perspectives & experiences, in fact they shape our very perception of reality. We may believe “I am not good enough, good things don’t happen to me”, or “I don’t deserve to be happy”, thus we attract experiences into our lives that confirm those beliefs. As with many personal developmental training systems Theta Healing also begins with the belief that we can transform our lives by changing how we think!

Theta Healing was originally developed in 1995 by Vianna Stibal & has rapidly spread worldwide ever since. Among the new age crowd it has developed a reputation as an effective therapy for achieving emotional, physical & spiritual healing. It is a powerful modality that allows the user to access their subconscious mind and thereby change limiting thoughts that don’t serve them. The process takes place in what is known as the Theta brain wave state.

Theta brain waves are emitted during the barely conscious state that we experience just before sleeping & just after we awaken. Theta brain waves are seen as being a direct link between conscious & subconscious thoughts. By using Theta brain waves the user is able to connect to what is called Universal Energy or Quantum Energy and influence their powerful subconscious, which is not normally accessible. Necessary changes can be made while in this state and the mind is thought to even be capable of accelerated healing.

Science is now demonstrating that physical illness may be associated with our emotions & feelings that generate imbalanced beliefs in our minds. These imbalances interfere with the flow of energy throughout the body causing blockages that lead to physical disease and disorder. When these thoughts & feelings are altered a healing in the physical body can occur. Identifying these beliefs & feelings with Theta Healing removes the underlying cause of an illness or disease. Your desire to heal, together with Theta Healing overcomes emotional, physical, psychological & spiritual blocks. Old beliefs & emotions are resolved which allows user to live to their fullest potential. This really seems to be divinely inspired & in tune with recent findings in DNA research, neuroscience & even quantum physics.

How Theta Healing Works.

As already mentioned, practitioners of this healing process focus on the state of ‘theta’ brainwave activity, a state of very deep relaxation that matches the frequency of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious beliefs are shaped by various factors such as; the people in your life, your culture and your personal experiences. Positive beliefs move you forward while negative beliefs hold you back. Theta Healing taps into your subconscious and empowers you to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts. You can instantly reprogram those negative subconscious beliefs and create optimal health.
Theta healing, for all intents and purposes, is the practical application of quantum mechanics and is based on the idea is that our receptor cells in our bodies have a certain vibration. Neuropeptides (intercellular messengers), also have their own specific vibration, so when neuropeptides interact with receptor cells that vibrate at the same frequency, they are able to “connect”. Theta healing works to help facilitate this flow in our bodies by changing the vibration, or ‘energy’ of the receptor cells. It operates on the premise that since we are made up of energy, we can use energy to change ourselves for the better.
Theta healing may also be used to help treat psychological problems such as:

• Stress, trauma and depression.
• Fears and phobias
• Negative relationship

It can also help manifest abundance, prosperity, personal growth and success.

What To Expect

During a typical session of theta therapy, muscle testing (a technique of kinesiology) is used to identify any limiting subconscious beliefs. The user will then enter a theta state in order to identify the areas in your body that need to change. During this process you generally work with a trained healer to uncover any negative beliefs that you may hold. You then let the practitioner reprogram the cells, which need to change, in order to facilitate healing.

Some Terminology Explained:

You will run across a number of terms related to Theta Healing if you choose to explore the process further. Here are some of the more common ones:
Muscle Testing: This is a form of applied kinesiology. Whenever a person says or thinks something that scores as true with their subconscious, the electrical & magnetic fields within the body become stronger and the muscles become temporarily stronger too. When you say or think something that resonates as false, the electrical & magnetic fields within the body become weaker as do your muscles! The strength of the muscles is proportionate to the strength of the inner field so when we test the strength of the muscles it enables us to identify which limiting beliefs need to be released.
Readings: These are an integral part of the session & are used to clarify the issues to be worked on. Readings are thought to be conducted via connection to the Universal Energy consciousness, allowing a practitioner to receive information through body scanning, or by communicating with their higher self.

Digging: Is a conversational technique developed for Theta Healing that is used to discover beliefs that need to be shifted at their most fundamental level for a healing to occur.

Levels: During a session you will work on these different levels:

1. Core Level beliefs are picked up by our subconscious during our own lifetime.
2. Historic Level beliefs are derived from the collective “group consciousness” beliefs experienced by your peers and humanity as a whole.
3. Soul Level beliefs are the very deep & powerful spiritual connection that each of us use in directing the course of our lives.
4. Genetic Level beliefs (or better known as Epigenetics) are passed down from our ancestors for generations & are thought to be imprinted on our DNA.

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