The Milk Jug Theory

by Kevin O. Hunking

Ok.  This one goes by a lot of different names now.  The Wishing Well Theory.  The Santa Claus debate.  And most recently, the Milk Jug TheoryThe Milk Jug Theory Video that is displayed below has received over 4 million views on Youtube and presents a very rational and logical argument against the validity of answered prayer.


The basics of the presentation can be summed up as follows (for those of you who don’t want to sit through 9 minutes of someone talking to a milk jug). makes the statement on their site that God answers Prayer in one of three ways: 1) Yes 2) No or 3) Maybe.  The presenter on the video points out that that same reasoning could be applied to a jug of milk.  If you pray to a jug of milk it will always answer your prayer 1) Yes 2) No or 3) Maybe.

All the bases are covered and all the “excuses” that can be made for God not answering prayer can also be applied to the Milk Jug. Unfortunately the guy on the video is correct (he goes on to make the claim that God is Imaginary which the Milk Jug Theory does not prove at all, but let’s ignore that for now).  When we give people these types of nonsense answers (like the yes/no/maybe response) to the tougher spiritual questions, relating to the nature of God, we do everyone a great disservice.  In fact the yes/no/maybe response totally invalidates prayer and renders it meaningless.  Here is a very pertinent comment that was made about this video.

“I want to believe in God, I really do, but it’s things like that video that I just described that throw me off.”  Richies… (On Yahoo_Answers)

As we travel down the spiritual path we need to be very alert to the various types of non-answers that have evolved throughout every religion and insure that we are seeking and finding the truth about God, not the “stories” and “excuses” that have built up over the centuries.  This is a whole lot easier said than done.  The Truth by its nature with stand up to any form of logical argument and we need to be vigilant and alert to that reality.

What is my answer to the milk jug theory, you may ask.  If a boy asks his father for bread his father does not give him a stone.  God knows what we need before we even ask.  God always says yes to what we need.

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