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“Will we need them all” came a voice from behind the Wayfarer, a voice filled with loss.

The Wayfarer slowly turned to face Sherry whose eyes were red with the shedding of many tears. The Wayfarer himself felt the sting of tears in his own eyes as he looked up at Sherry, but his masking hid the truth from the world. Everyone around them attempted to look away, knowing these two needed to air out their misgivings.

“Need all of what” asked the Wayfarer gently.

“The gravesites” she responded in a quiet little-girl tone.

The Wayfarer glanced over at the new graveyard and shook his head.

“I don’t know” he said honestly, “I thought we were invincible. I was wrong.”

“You have saved to so many people” said Sherry, her voice hardening a bit as she spoke, “and yet you could not save the one person who loved you the most.”

Book Two of the Angel Scroll series “Harbinger” carries on with the search for the Second Scroll of Power “The Scroll of Prophecy”.  From the early days of the American West to the very gates of Hell, we are whisked on a journey of adventure and intrigue. Join the Mystic Wayfarer once again as he attempts to unravel the mysteries behind the ancient Scrolls that hold the destiny of mankind. Buy the eBook here! or the Paperback Here!





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    • Book comes out on May 1, 2013 Jeff. Leave your name and e-mail address to the right (on the home page) and I will make sure that you guys have the first look at it pre-release.

  1. It is funny that this showed up when it did. It was like you were talking to me during parts of your story and answering my questions that I have been asking. I make TV commercials in Houston, But I found that I have a gift that is unique. The gift of healing and I don’t touch anyone and I have been doing it for no charge. http://www.ahealer.com
    and I believe God wants me to do it more and stop TV. Thank you for your book.

  2. Still can not find this book on kindle, or nook ???? Help please I’m desperate to start reading this , if it’s as good as the first it will be phenomenal !!!!!

    • Will be out on April 15. It has taken a bit longer than anticipated to get it published. Thanks for the patience 🙂

  3. The second book Harbinger was engrossing, I had to pace myself or I would have devoured every word in one sitting. I will be eagerly awaiting the 3rd book and I’m compelled to go back and read both again. Thank you for the uplifting and brilliant novel.

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