Spiritual Core Theory

What Is This Book About?

This book is about the enlightened teachings of Jesus Christ as they relate to effectively communicating with God.

It is a discussion of the difference between the “Ways of the World” and the “Ways of the Spirit”, and how knowing the difference will allow you to live a full and abundant life.

The following is a brief description of each of the chapters within Spiritual Core Theory:



You want to begin your journey towards Spiritual Enlightenment and a true understanding of God but you are overwhelmed with questions about where to start.  Here’s the bad news:  The questions you are asking won’t give you the answers that you need!  Many of the answers that we hold in our heads are false.

We need to answer this one critical question first…


Inner Congruence

Today you can change your life.  Today you will know what you truly want and who you truly are.  Today you will find congruence with your core Spiritual Identity.

Through the exploration of some heavy duty (but simple to understand) psychological “stuff” you will see how easy it has been to overlook the significance of a single moment of true decision.

     Perception of God

Arguments against God are based on “facts” and logic, but fall apart once you dive deeper into the material world.  Your brain is hard wired to find God.  God is real and He can be experienced, however he is not off in the clouds somewhere sitting on a throne with cherubs flying around his head.  He does not hide from us and demand our blind obedience.

We grow in our awareness of God through a series of stages that are outlined in this chapter.

Ways of the World

Success in the “Real World” comes down to the recognition of several truths that, if followed, will ultimately allow an individual to achieve their goals.  These “rules” have been well researched and taught over the years by success coaches of many shapes and sizes.

The better one is at recognizing “Reality” and using it in their favor the quicker they will be in achieving their goals.  This chapter explores the Ways of the World and the varying degrees of efficacy for each level of awareness.

Ways of the Spirit

The Ways of the Spirit are a sharp contrast to the Way of the World and present an entirely different “approach” to setting and attaining one’s goals.  When an individual begins to seek truth through a Spiritual Awakening an entirely different “Reality” emerges, one in which the journey towards the goal becomes the primary experience and the goal becomes secondary.  This chapter introduces an alternative way of viewing goal setting.

Communication with God

Why can’t I get God to answer my prayers?  You can. Every time.  This chapter discusses the truth behind the teaching that “The Kingdom of God is within you”.  Communicating with God is not a case of praying to someone (something) far off in the distance, leaving a message and hoping that it gets heard.  Within this chapter we see that prayer is internal and personal and works every time.  Stop resisting and start communicating.

Your Spiritual Instinct

One the most damning and irrefutable arguments against Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the fact that every culture on Earth, without exception, has developed Spiritual beliefs, whereas no other species has even displayed any sign of it.  The Human mind has a built in awareness of God.  This chapter explores the instinctual programming that is present in all of us.

Divine Flow

We have all had days were everything just “clicked” and went right for us.  This is the concept of Flow in action.  Divine Flow is the “Effortless Fulfillment of our True Heart’s Desire” through recognition of exactly what our true desires are and the deeply emotional communications that we experience with God.

The Goal Achieving Diagram

This graphical display gives us an accurate comparison between the Ways of the World and the Ways of the Spirit as they relate to goal achieving.  Greater is He that is within me than He that is within the World.

The gap between KNOWING and DOING

Why does so much of what we learn and study produce so little change in our lives?  Knowledge, no matter how powerful it is, must be converted into action.  Knowing what to do is not enough.  Too often we simply revert back to that which we already know how to do, even when we know that there are better ways.  We talk about something and seem to think that that is enough.  It is not.  This chapter discusses techniques for bridging the Knowing vs. Doing gap that we all experience when real change is implemented.


Recap of what was covered within the Theory.

Main benefits of Spiritual Core Theory.

Your next steps for growth.

Implementing your personal plan.


Tools and Resources.

Reading List.

List of Personal Growth Assignments.


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Core Theory

    • Hi Jeanette.

      I’m going to try to sum up the answer to your question in a compact version here by quoting Lao Tzu. “At the center of your being you know the answer; you know who you are and you know what you actually want”. That Spiritual core is were you will find true spiritual growth.

      You don’t need to spend years and years learning how to access the Spiritual core either. It is there for you now.

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