Magnetic Field Therapy

by: Kevin O. Hunking
magenetic-fieldsWhile not strictly considered a form of Energy Healing per se, this post will discuss a very popular healing modality known as Magnetic Field Therapy.

The Modality’s History.

Magnetic therapies have been around for a long time. Long before their therapeutic benefits were actually understood. Written protocols for using magnets (known as lodestones) on acupuncture points date as far back as 3000BC in Chinese culture. Other healers learned the practical value of using magnets for healing as well and there is even evidence that lodestones were used by Cleopatra’s physicians. Permanent magnets were being employed in Europe by the early 1800s.

It is only recently that we have had a scientific basis to explain these ancient healing tools. The many effects that magnetic fields have on biologic processes include chemical reactions, ion movement, changes in electrical potential, effects on hormones and fundamental cellular processes. There does not appear to be a single concept or unifying principle in physics, as yet, as to how magnetic fields affect these biologic activities.

Despite this lack of a unifying theory, magnetic field effects have been observed in clinical environments. As in many other areas of science and medicine, functioning theories are lagging behind beneficial applications. Lack of a theory, however, doesn’t prevent these therapies from being applied to human healing needs. Decades of clinical use have proven both the efficacy and the relative safety of the therapy.

Why it works.

If we recognize that the human body functions electrically and that the water in a human body is not unlike the electrolyte solution in a battery that is composed of many electrolytes, combined with saline, then we begin to see how the therapy may work. Electrolytes compose both positively and negatively metallic ions. Because of their charge, electrolyte solutions and saline are highly susceptible to surrounding magnetic fields. These magnetic fields increase the motion of ions and electrolytes in our body’s tissues and fluids. The movement stimulates a vast array of chemical, mechanical, and electric actions within the body. Magnetic fields induce “voltages” that are similar to those produced naturally within the body. These magnetically induced fields transfer charges to the cells of the body. This magnetic current can lead to nerve firing, muscle contraction, and cell growth.

Magnetic field therapy is ideally suited for the treatment of a multitude of different physical conditions and health maintenance. This therapy is also valuable due to the fact that the person may continue treatment on his/her own over a long period of time, if necessary, thereby decreasing the dependence on an outside practitioner.

“Pulsed” electromagnetic field therapy can be used as a singular treatment in many cases but is often combined with other therapies. Magnetic fields can penetrate the body quickly and are noninvasive, which makes them ideal for the gentle and gradual body rebalancing and healing. Magnetic fields work on both the natural healing systems of the body as well as through the acupuncture meridians. A whole body treatment with magnetic fields can be as strong as acupuncture in many cases.

How does a treatment work?

There is really no typical treatment format. Every individual is unique. Magnetic field treatments can be done with permanent magnets or pulsating electromagnetic fields. Pulsed magnetic fields act more gently on the body and can frequently accelerate treatment faster. These are strong electromagnetic fields only used in the doctor’s offices, usually at the start of a course of care. Weaker pulsed electromagnetic treatment systems can be purchased for home use.

Treatments take between 10 to 30 minutes, several times per day. Pulsed magnetic fields may often be the only treatment required. Permanent magnets may be used between pulsed sessions, especially for orthopedic problems. If rapid responses are required, permanent and pulsed fields are combined simultaneously. A more gentle approach involves applying pulsed fields first, the response is reviewed and if necessary static/permanent magnets are added. Therapy for acute problems could last from several weeks to months. A proper treatment course frequently combines nutritional supplements, possibly medications and other physical therapies.

Can magnetic fields be used to maintain health?

Magnetic fields are used for a lifetime of health maintenance. Stress is a continuous challenge in our lives. The daily use of gentle pulsed magnetic fields is a major stress reducer. The primary actions of magnetic fields reduce muscle contraction. Muscles of the back and shoulders can be relaxed all day. Stress does not accumulate in the body. If there is muscular tension in the body, the blood supply to the tissues is diminished. This can lead to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Pulsed electromagnetic fields can also simulate the benefits of exercise. Magnetic therapy is an anti-aging preventive care system, research is showing that magnetic fields have strong actions on bone, particularly in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. Many studies have also shown a benefit in treating arthritis.

Where is magnetic field therapy best suited?

Magnetic can be used in almost any kind of illness, either as a prevention or treatment. The benefits of magnetic fields include: muscle relaxation, increased circulation, pain reduction, decreased clotting, rebalancing of the sympathetic/parasympathetic system and the enhancement of acupuncture. The nervous system is highly sensitive to magnetic fields.

Magnetic fields appear to act in a more obvious fashion when imbalances exist, such as pain, scars, injuries, etc. Once therapy begins these problems are often the first to respond. Even if therapy is stopped, healing can often continue for some time. Health problems from deficiencies, such as low thyroid, hypothyroidism, low insulin, anemia from lack of iron, will not be cured by magnetic fields. Only the missing substances can properly treat the problem. Magnetic fields also can’t be used as a therapy for cancer. They can, however, be used to supplement traditional cancer therapies. Medications can be enhanced with magnetic fields. This means that magnetic fields do not interfere with most medical therapies and in fact appear to enhance them.

Magnetic fields can be as strong as surgery or as gentle as quantum fields. Ultimately, the body is electromagnetic. All magnetic fields interact. When the body is out of balance, the electromagnetic fields of the body are out of balance. Magnetic field therapies can help to restore some or all of these imbalances. Before the body gets out of serious balance, it must go through progressive stages of imbalance. Magnetic fields work best in the earlier stages of imbalances. With severe imbalances more drastic measures are required, such as surgery or chemotherapy. Magnetic fields can still be very helpful in a complementary fashion with these drastic measures.

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