Spiritual Millionaires

by Dr. Robert Anthony

wealthSpiritual Millionaires: The Three Most Powerful Practical Spiritual Principles I’ve Learned from Millionaires, That Can Totally Change Your Life!

Over the years I have had the privilege to spend time with some very financially and spiritually enlightened people. As a result, my personal life and the way I do business has changed.

In listening to these people talk and observed how they handle their personal and business lives, three very distinct and powerful traits came to my attention. I believe if all these three traits were applied to your life, they would make such a dramatic change, that in a short time all the things you desire would show up in your life.

I don’t say that lightly, I really have been influenced by these three Spiritual Principles and their power. I believe – no, I KNOW, you will be too, if you apply them in your life. Continue reading

10 Richest Pastors In The World

from NAIJ
This is a list of the richest pastors worldwide.

tdjakes1. Bishop T. D Jakes: Bishop Jakes lives in a $1,700,000 mansion, he has been called America’s best preacher and has been featured on the cover of TIME magazine. He is a writer, preacher and movie producer. Thomas Dexter “T. D.” Jakes, Sr. is the bishop/chief pastor of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American mega church, with 30,000 members, located in Dallas, Texas. T.D Jakes wears custom made suits and sports a diamond ring the size of a coin. This man of God has been endowed with a $150 million net worth. Continue reading

The Reality of Affluence

By Eric Butterworth

affluenceIn a time when the world is facing the grim specter of lack, there is a great need to understand the omnipresence of divine substance. There is little question that people can fail and even go hungry in their experience of life. But the great truth of the “reality of affluence” is that there is a legitimate abundance for every person, which one can and must claim for oneself, and that lack of any kind in the human experience is the result of some kind of obstruction of the free flow of the creative process… Continue reading

Hacking Abundance Part I

flow-wavesAbundance researchers spend a fair amount of time cataloging the impact that the radical wealth transfer to younger, more engaged winners of the information economy has had on global philanthropy.
But they don’t unpack why the Gates, Omidyars, and even Zuckerbergs of the world, may be choosing to spend their fortunes differently than the Robber Barrons of prior booms.

Continue reading

Cash or Abundance?

by Michele Knight
MagnetCosmic Ordering works on the principle of Ask, Believe and Receive and the Law of Attraction invites us to understand the quantum nature of the universe and tells us that we need to vibrate at the same frequency as whatever it is we want to draw in and hold.

When people start working with Cosmic Ordering or the Law of Attraction around abundance, they usually start by asking for cash in figures.  That works, but we want to give the universe as many ways as possible to truly give us our heart’s desires. Continue reading

Cosmic Ordering Wealth

by Avia Venefica

cosmic-dreamsCosmic Ordering for wealth and financial abundance is only made difficult by the limitations we place on the order.

What do I mean by that?

Many of us who are Cosmic Ordering wealth are attaching stipulations to it like: What kinds of work must we perform to get our money, who do we have to know for money to flow, or how do we have to act to get our wealth moving.

None of these things are required to have our cosmic order of wealth successfully fulfilled. Continue reading