The Seven Spiritual Laws of Love

by Michele Knight

SpiritualloveWhether we are talking about a friend, a neighbour, a lover, partner or child, there are spiritual laws that underpin all of our relationships.

1/ Every single person in our lives is there to help us evolve.  That’s actually what we are here for and often we can have soul agreements with others that help us in our evolution – but not in the way that you might think!  The person that pushes your buttons the most can be the one who is there to help you learn how to lovingly hold boundaries or examine your own assumptions and beliefs.  One of the biggest spiritual lessons we can learn is sorting out the difference between a soul mate, a past life connection and addiction. Continue reading

Divine Love vs. Emotional “Love”

from The Truths of Life

divine loveLove is not the emotional and physical kind that most people know it as.
Love is not a fluctuating unstable negative emotion.
Love is not greed, possession, owning, attachment, neediness, desire, infatuation, lust, craving, addiction, jealousy, anger, control, blame, guilt, or judgmentalism.
These are all selfish attributes, so it’s not really love at all.
That which is selfish can’t be love because love is selfless.
True happiness will never form in a relationship based on those things.
You cannot have or own another person when we are all free. Continue reading

The Sacred Art of Self-Love

by Sonali Bansal

self loveReligious. Agnostic. Skinny. Healthy. Holy. Good. Ugly. Right. Wrong. We are all of these assumptions and much more in the mirror of the world. Trying to adapt to the reflection of our perfection, suppressing our true identities, we wear a mask best suited for the occasion, a mask of ego that would help us fit in with the rest in the world of shallowness. What we really miss out on while we are busy adjusting, is the emotion we were taught as a child – LOVE. Continue reading

4 Ways To Amplify Love In Your Life

by Amateo Ra

loveIn many ways, as we go about our lives, I feel there is a deep secret yearning many of us are carrying with us. I believe we confuse this yearning, and often manifest drama within our lives and our relationships, thinking as if this drama will fulfill this yearning. It won’t, no matter the variety of drama or where it comes from, it just won’t.

What I believe we are truly seeking is to amplify love in our lives. To be experiencing love not just more regularly but in every moment. To be able to drop into the expansive serenity of gratitude easily and effortlessly. I am writing this blog because I feel as though I am getting there. More and more, with less and less effort, I believe I am amplifying love in my life.
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Raise your Love Vibration

by Lisa Venable

love-vibrationIf you truly want to raise your vibration, connect with the power of Love. Real Love is not some fluffy concept. It is the essence of spiritual energy. The Star Wars films remind us about spiritual energy with the famous line, “May the Force be with you.” That “Force” is the vibration of Love, and it can move mountains, heal bodies and change circumstances.

Love is “the truth, the way, and the life.” Love is the main tenant of all religious teachings. There is nothing more real or powerful than the force of Love, and it is always available.
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Spiritually Preparing Yourself for True Love

from Psychics Universe

loveIf you’ve been looking for love, you’re not alone. Just do a Google search on “how to find true love” and you’ll get nearly half a billion hits. Yet for all the books, articles and advice floating around, so many people find themselves drifting from one failed relationship to the next, being hurt time and time again. Others find themselves completely alone.

Chances are, the reason love isn’t working for you is because you’re not spiritually prepared for it.
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