Find Your True Self Through Meditation

by Deepak Chopra

true-selfLife is a story we weave together from the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we experience each moment. Yet we live the majority of our lives in the memories of our past and the expectations of the future. Rarely do we live in the purity of the present – the only place that your true self can ever be found.

So often, we define ourselves as the roles we play in particular relationships or jobs. For example, the personal roles I’ve played include “I am a father,” “I am a husband,” “I am a doctor,” “I am a writer.” As Oprah shares in our 21-Day Meditation Experience, Become What You Believe, “When we ask ourselves the question, ‘Who am I?’ the natural response is to reach for answers that we can easily access – like the roles we play… or the race, or gender, or profession we are.” Continue reading

Start Watching Your Thoughts

by Fred Tracy

sunrise-reflectedWhile I know I’ve been blogging a lot about “external” things like lifestyle design lately, I believe that it is important to achieve balance in our lives. That’s why this post is going to be all about our inner world – where all the real riches are to be found. Specifically, I’m going to be talking about watching your own thoughts, or “watching the thinker” as Eckhart Tolle calls it.

This is something that I did extensively for awhile (read my article about The Power of Now learn about my experience). I found that my sense of inner peace really shot through the roof. Even afterwards, when I technically meditated more, but paid less attention to my thoughts on a regular basis, I never achieved that same sense of inner peace. Therefore, if we are to have inner stillness, while meditation is definitely one way to do it, watching our thoughts is at least as important, if not more.

So how exactly does someone watch their own thoughts? Continue reading

True (or Higher) Self

higher-selfThe self we normally identify with is a fabrication of our ego (intended to replace what God made with a “new, improved” identity that better matches the EGO’S ideals of perfection). By design, the mask totally conceals the real face behind it. But, although we may get caught up in the dramas of self-centered existence and even become totally identified with them, we can never reduce ourselves to mere ego. The most convincing proof of that is found in our true spiritual aspirations. If we were the egoic beings we may presume ourselves to be, we would never be motivated to recognize, respond to, and aspire to the realization of Truth, high ideals, and God. Continue reading

The Inner Body

by  Eckhart Tolle

spiritual-loveThe body that you can see and touch cannot take you into Being. But that visible and tangible body is only an outer shell, or rather a limited and distorted perception of a deeper reality. In your natural state of connectedness with Being, this deeper reality can be felt every moment as the invisible inner body, the animating presence within you.  So to “inhabit the body” is to feel the body from within, to feel the life inside the body and thereby come to know that you are beyond the outer form. Continue reading

Validate Your Higher Self!

from Daily Muse

Higher-SelfDo you have trouble validating our own spirit? Do you seek others to confirm (validate) what you know in your heart or sense and feel is true? Have you gone to a medium to speak to spirit yet do not acknowledge your own?

Why is it so difficult to validate (confirm) our own spirit as  powerful and capable? We call on the ascended masters or archangels for healing and sometimes forget WE have lifetimes of information. We have the power to heal ourselves, to transform and to create a new reality. Continue reading

Your Roadmap to Higher Self-Awareness

by: Leo Carver

selfawareThe concept of self-awareness is often talked about as if you’re already aware of what awareness is. While the actual definition of the term may be easy to understand intellectually, you have to live it to make it work.

Self-awareness is more than just being self-conscious. These are not interchangeable terms. Self-awareness is being aware of your own presence, inside and out. Self-consciousness tends to lend itself toward self-judgment and assessment, all too often based on someone else’s perceptions. Self-consciousness doesn’t necessarily have to be negative, but it does not often lead to self-acceptance. Continue reading

The Nature Of The Higher Self

by Julie Redstone

Higher-SelfThe human being is composed of multiple ‘bodies’ that are layers of energy wrapped around a central core.  The central core is the Divine matrix which houses the combined genetic code and soul-essence that gave rise to the body and the formative cellular structure.  Around this core is what we know as the physical body.  The central core is that place in which spirit and matter fuse and in which the source of the physical, namely, the Father-Creator God and the Mother-Creatrix God become one in the manifestation of the Divine/human form.

Continue reading