Theta Healing

What Is Theta Healing?

by: Kevin O. Hunking
There are scientific studies that show that we are unaware of more than 90% of the data stored in our subconscious mind. Subliminal thoughts & beliefs constantly influence our perspectives & experiences, in fact they shape our very perception of reality. We may believe “I am not good enough, good things don’t happen to me”, or “I don’t deserve to be happy”, thus we attract experiences into our lives that confirm those beliefs. As with many personal developmental training systems Theta Healing also begins with the belief that we can transform our lives by changing how we think!

Theta Healing was originally developed in 1995 by Vianna Stibal & has rapidly spread worldwide ever since. Among the new age crowd it has developed a reputation as an effective therapy for achieving emotional, physical & spiritual healing. It is a powerful modality that allows the user to access their subconscious mind and thereby change limiting thoughts that don’t serve them. The process takes place in what is known as the Theta brain wave state. Continue reading

Bioenergy Therapy

by: Kevin O. Hunking


One of the fastest growing modalities within the field of energy healing is that of Bioenergy Therapy.

Bioenergy Therapy is a gentle but powerful hands-on healing technique that deals effectively with stress which is viewed as the cause of most health problems. Even though about 70-90% of the patients go to a general practitioner with symptoms caused by stress, official medicine refuses to diagnose stress as an illness. Bioenergy Therapy is incredibly efficient at lowering stress levels thereby preventing the development of stress-related conditions and immediately improving the quality of the client’s life. Bioenergy Therapy is a so-called complimentary therapy which means that it neither competes with nor replaces professional medical care. Healing with Bioenergy Therapy has been around for thousands of years and is known around the world. It is based on balancing the energy body, our matrix so to speak, which is capable of reflecting a stress imbalance long before the physical body shows any signs of illness or disease. This matrix (our stress defense or immune system) is seen to monitor all the information about our overall health, so when our stress level is balanced we are healthy, but when our stress levels are unbalanced we become sick. Continue reading

Magnetic Field Therapy

by: Kevin O. Hunking
magenetic-fieldsWhile not strictly considered a form of Energy Healing per se, this post will discuss a very popular healing modality known as Magnetic Field Therapy.

The Modality’s History.

Magnetic therapies have been around for a long time. Long before their therapeutic benefits were actually understood. Written protocols for using magnets (known as lodestones) on acupuncture points date as far back as 3000BC in Chinese culture. Other healers learned the practical value of using magnets for healing as well and there is even evidence that lodestones were used by Cleopatra’s physicians. Permanent magnets were being employed in Europe by the early 1800s. Continue reading

What is EFT?

by: Kevin O. Hunking
tappointsIn this post we will be exploring the energy healing technique known as EFT.

The acronym EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques which is a relatively new and fast-developing treatment within the field of Energy Healing. It is a form of therapy that has caught the attention of many healers, spiritualists, lay people and even the scientific community.

Sometimes referred to as “Psychological acupressure”, EFT purportedly works by releasing blockages in the body’s energy system (as discussed in a previous post). These blockages in the energy system challenge us emotionally and often lead to limiting beliefs and behaviors which do not allow us to live life in harmony. Continue reading

Chios Energy Healing

by: Kevin O. Hunking
lotusOne of the newest forms of hands-on healing, that has become popular lately, is what is known as Chios Energy Healing.  Developed and marketed by Stephen H. Barrett (who as owns full copyright and trademark licensing for the method) Chios is the product of spiritual guidance combined with twenty years of research and refinement. Barrett claims that the spiritual contact that was the inspiration for Chios has been carefully verified. Chios is hailed as being accurate healing information coming from an authentic spiritual source (as opposed to Barrett’s own possibly flawed or distorted sense of inner “guidance”). The Chios techniques were have reportedly been perfected through rigorous evaluation, testing and careful refinement, over a total period spanning twenty years. While the basics of Chios look surprisingly similar to several “older” methods of healing (especially Chakra1 Healing) Barrett assures us that Chios techniques are entirely original—they are not merely a restatement, modification or amalgamation of other healing methodologies.  Continue reading

Types of Energy Healing

by: Kevin O. Hunking
energy healing


Welcome to the first in a series of in-depth articles that focus on the area of study collectively known as “energy healing”.
My goal here, in this first article, is to give a very brief overview of the more widely known types of energy therapies and to provide you, the reader, with a backdrop for further research into the field. Future articles will expand on each of the various types of healing as well as engaging in a more comprehensive discussion regarding the legitimacy and efficacy of the field as a whole.
In an effort to be totally transparent, I will admit openly that I began my research into energy work from an attitude of near contempt for those who were engaged in it. Like most people my exposure to this type of thing was via white-suited televangelists who gave off a distinct odor of snake oil. Fortunately for me, I began my research into energy healing by examining an area of specialization known as “Quantum Touch” and quickly went from absolute skeptic to amazed seeker. Continue reading