Prayers Really DO Work


prayerFor long-term members of AA, praying helps to reduce alcohol cravings when confronted with a triggering situation.

This is according to a new study, which explored the brain physiology of recovering alcoholics who had been involved with the program for years.

Participants who recited AA prayers after viewing drinking-related images reported fewer alcohol cravings and displayed increased activity in the brain regions that control attention and emotion. Continue reading

How Do You Pray?

by Gregg Braden

earnest-prayerPrayer is perhaps one of the most ancient and mysterious of human experiences. It’s also one of the most personal. Even before the word prayer appeared in spiritual practices, the oldest records of the Christian and Gnostic traditions used words such as communion to describe our ability to speak with the unseen forces of the universe. Prayer is unique to everyone who experiences it. Some estimate that there are as many different ways to pray as there are people who do the praying! Continue reading

The Process of Being in a Relationship with God

ledeOkay: to summarize…

Spirituality: the process of being in a relationship with God.

Belief and Wonder: the mental and emotional qualities of being open to the possibility of Divine presence in our lives.

Culture, Ikons,Teachings/Tradition/Scripture: the stuff in our lives that carry the news of God to us; the evidence we have of God’s presence and the clues we have to help us recognize God’s presence in our own experience… Continue reading

Did Science Find God?


GodScientists and theologians are often at odds about whether or not God exists. But, is it possible to find God using science? Two books coming out this fall address this crucial philosophical question from different perspectives. One is physicist Stephen Hawkings’ “The Grand Design” and the other is my novel “The Einstein Enigma.”

When we search for the scientific proof of God’s existence, we first need to establish one crucial thing: what is God? Continue reading

Feeling Based Prayer

from Ask Gratitude
praying-rainGregg Braden’s “Lost Mode of Prayer” really inspired me and I want to share this amazing knowledge with you. We have a powerful inner technology that can turn our life around. It is called a feeling based prayer.

These days I am going through the research and work of Gregg Braden & Bruce Lipton. What they have discovered is really exciting and makes a lot of sense. The best part is you can apply it to your own life and get incredible results. Continue reading

Seeking Unity

by James White
unity2Today I started watching the Brown and White debate on essentially Calvinism — predestination, sovereignty, and human responsibility.  After watching Brown’s first twenty plus minute opening statement, I began watching White’s opening, and toward the very beginning (at 25:30), White said the following about unity with Brown:

We have to seek unity and the only way to seek unity is not by some ecclesiastical decree, but instead to go to the Word of God.

Continue reading

Mystical Prayer


mystic“God does not look at your outer forms, but at the love within your love.” –Rumi

Amid the noise and increasing demands of our daily life, it is more and more important for many of us to find a way to reach an inner quiet, a place of rest and refuge. For many people, the recent introduction of meditation techniques has been an invaluable means to find a much needed stillness and tranquility. Continue reading