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Welcome to Spiritual Core Theory!!

The Spiritual Core Theory website is dedicated to those individuals who are actively seeking a personal relationship with God.  We will be discussing a wide range of topics that relate to this goal in an open forum.

While the originator of Spiritual Core Theory (Kevin Hunking) is himself a Christian, we will in no way be restricting our discussions to that faith alone.  There will be no “preaching” done here and we simply serve to function as a place were true seekers may exchange views and explore new ideas.  One God connects us all.

This site serves as an oasis of non-judgment for everyone who has begun (or wishes to begin) a personal search for God.

Spiritual Core Theory itself is offered as a possible blueprint to assist you on your search, and the Theory will be presented over a series of Posts on this site.  Not all posts will be taken directly from Kevin’s work and those that relate directly to Spiritual Core Theory are marked as such.  Please feel free to comment on the posts as you read through them as we all have much to learn from one another.

You will find the “Secrets” (for lack of a better word) of Spiritual Core Theory quite simple to understand, as you encounter them, and as each secret unfolds you will see it as the natural next step in the process.  Don’t, however, allow its simplicity to deceive you.

The first secret hardly seems like a secret at all and can be found in the Post entitled “How Do I Find God”.  It is so easy to understand.  Yet it serves as the basis for all of the later secrets.  Every subsequent secret builds upon the first one.

Begin!  Explore!  Enjoy!


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