Types of Alternative Medicine

by Kevin O. Hunking



As we look at the field of energy healing we need to recognize that it is a subset of a much larger area of inquiry known as Alternative Medicine.  In this article I will be discussing the types of Alternative Medicine, as well as taking a quick look at some of the most popular forms of the practice.  While it is my opinion that energy healing is very effective on its own, many of the other forms of Alternative Medicine can be combined with energy healing to create a more complete and balanced experience for both the practitioner and the client.

First off we will begin by defining what Alternative Medicine is versus what is called “Complimentary Medicine”: Continue reading

Chios Energy Healing

by Kevin O. Hunking

lotusOne of the newest forms of hands-on healing, that has become popular lately, is what is known as Chios Energy Healing.  Developed and marketed by Stephen H. Barrett (who as owns full copyright and trademark licensing for the method) Chios is the product of spiritual guidance combined with twenty years of research and refinement. Barrett claims that the spiritual contact that was the inspiration for Chios has been carefully verified. Chios is hailed as being accurate healing information coming from an authentic spiritual source (as opposed to Barrett’s own possibly flawed or distorted sense of inner “guidance”). The Chios techniques were have reportedly been perfected through rigorous evaluation, testing and careful refinement, over a total period spanning twenty years. While the basics of Chios look surprisingly similar to several “older” methods of healing (especially Chakra1 Healing) Barrett assures us that Chios techniques are entirely original—they are not merely a restatement, modification or amalgamation of other healing methodologies.  Continue reading

Types of Energy Healing

by Kevin O. Hunking

energy healingIntroduction

Welcome to the first in a series of in-depth articles that focus on the area of study collectively known as “energy healing”.
My goal here, in this first article, is to give a very brief overview of the more widely known types of energy therapies and to provide you, the reader, with a backdrop for further research into the field. Future articles will expand on each of the various types of healing as well as engaging in a more comprehensive discussion regarding the legitimacy and efficacy of the field as a whole.
In an effort to be totally transparent, I will admit openly that I began my research into energy work from an attitude of near contempt for those who were engaged in it. Like most people my exposure to this type of thing was via white-suited televangelists who gave off a distinct odor of snake oil. Fortunately for me, I began my research into energy healing by examining an area of specialization known as “Quantum Touch” and quickly went from absolute skeptic to amazed seeker. Continue reading

Spiritual Millionaires

by Dr. Robert Anthony

wealthSpiritual Millionaires: The Three Most Powerful Practical Spiritual Principles I’ve Learned from Millionaires, That Can Totally Change Your Life!

Over the years I have had the privilege to spend time with some very financially and spiritually enlightened people. As a result, my personal life and the way I do business has changed.

In listening to these people talk and observed how they handle their personal and business lives, three very distinct and powerful traits came to my attention. I believe if all these three traits were applied to your life, they would make such a dramatic change, that in a short time all the things you desire would show up in your life.

I don’t say that lightly, I really have been influenced by these three Spiritual Principles and their power. I believe – no, I KNOW, you will be too, if you apply them in your life. Continue reading

An Amazing Stress Reduction Technique


Meditation has a reputation as an activity related to religious practices and hippy-dippy pseudo-science. This is unfortunate, because meditation is a simple, effective stress management tool that can be used by a anyone and solid medical research has shown that meditation is highly effective as a way to lower stress and even manage pain.

It’s particularly effective at the end of a long, stressful day you can set aside a short period when you get home from work, meditate, and then enjoy your evening with a clear mind and more relaxed body. Continue reading

Psycho Cybernetics

from Benessere

ManifestationMindOne of the main secrets to staying healthy and being successful consists of aligning one’s objectives and desires with the internal image of oneself. Many uncomfortable, everyday conditions are born out of the impossibility to change reality and they require a personal change, but which cannot be limited to how one behaves, rather it involves the internal vision of oneself. Psycho-cybernetics is an approach which helps the mind and it was the result of Maxwell Maltz’s studies regarding concepts and psychological approaches, which are useful for dealing with identity problems, something he came across after operations he performed when he practiced cosmetic surgery. Continue reading